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Thoughts from Mark Martins Implant Denture Clinic
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Denture Cleaning

17 February, 2017
When you first receive your dentures they come well polished and shined. Over time dentures can become discolored, dirty looking and even start to smell. Often dentures may even start to feel rough, i...

Kingston Denture Repair

27 January, 2017
Why do dentures break?

Unfortunately just like everything else in life dentures do not last forever. The average life for a denture is somewhere between 5-10 years. In spite of this den...

Immediate Dentures

21 December, 2016
Have you been told that you need your teeth extracted, and you need an immediate denture to replace them? In this post I will attempt to explain what an immediate denture is and explain the process in...

Partial Dentures

06 December, 2016
When you are only missing a few of your natural teeth a partial denture can be a good option to replace them. Partial dentures are usually quite a bit smaller than full dentures. This makes them a lot...

Denture Reline

18 November, 2016
When you have your natural teeth extracted, the underlying bone that used to hold your teeth begins to shrink. As a result of this a denture that fit well the day it was made will eventually get loose...
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