I mentioned in the previous blog that not all dentures are created equal. We discussed the types of acrylics involved in making dentures and showed some of the advantages of using the Sr Ivocap to make the denture base. Another crucial material involved in the fabrication of your dentures are the denture teeth . Denture teeth affect the aesthetics, function, and life of your denture. There are many companies that manufacture denture teeth. Each using different materials that offer different advantages. In this blog I will discuss some the differences in denture tooth materials.

Denture tooth materials

Double cross linked polymethyl methacrylate ( DCL PMMA ): This material consists of modified polymethyl methacrylate in which the polymer and the matrix are cross linked. Compared to a basic PMMA tooth a DCL tooth will exhibit greater compressive strength when force is applied. They will wear down faster than a composite based tooth, however they are more flexible than composite teeth and therefore less likely to chip or crack. This material is often layered optimal aesthetic results.

Nano filled composite: This material is very hard and abrasion resistant. For patients that are not bruxers this material will extend the life of their denture dramatically. For patients that are bruxers the lack of flexibility will often cause chipping and fracture of denture teeth. This is also an aesthetically pleasing material.

Mircro reinforced poly acrylic ( MRP ): This material tries to balance the hardness of composite and the flexibility of PMMA. I find it is still prone to chipping in bruxers, but can last longer than DCL in non bruxing patients. A good aesthetic result can also be achieved. These teeth tend to be the most colour stable when ground and fit into a denture.

In closing the denture tooth material is crucial when making a patients denture. Great care must be taken into choosing a material based on each patients individual needs and habits. This however is still just a small piece of a larger puzzle. In the next blog I will discuss denture tooth chewing surfaces.