It is well noted in the denture world how much better an upper denture will fit compared to a lower denture. The main reason for this is the ability for an upper denture to obtain suction.

Traditionally we have not seen this same ability to achieve suction with lower dentures. Usually, lower dentures tend to move around, which can cause denture sores and make it difficult to wear. However every now and then for no apparent rhyme or reason a lower denture will have some suction.

Until recently if you wanted a stable lower denture implants were the best solution. Although in my opinion implants still are the best solution for most people to attain a stable lower denture, thinking in the denture world is changing.

New technology and changing clinical concepts are turning the notion that lower dentures can’t have suction on their head. In our office, we have currently had a few cases where we were able to achieve suction with lower dentures. I believe as the Denturist community continues to progress, lower dentures without suction may eventually become a thing of the past.