1786 Bath Road, Kingston ON, CA
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Meet the Denturists

Meet the Denturists

Mark Martins DD
Denturist, Lecturer

  • Attended George Brown College - Graduated from the Denturism Program in 2001
  • First denturist to attend the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry LVI
  • First denturist to practice neuro muscular denturism in Canada
  • Completed numerous dental implant residencies
  • Lectures for biomet 3i on implant retained dentures
  • Helping develop the continuing education for program for denturists learning to work on dental implants for Zimmer dental in California
  • One of the lecturers for Nobel Biocares global speaking program
  • Sat on the board of directors for the Denturist Association of Canada from 2007-2010
  • Chair for fee guide committee from 2009-2010
  • Sat on the implant committee for the fee guide from 2008-2010
  • Lectures for myotronic for neuro muscular dentures
  • Passion is working on replacing missing teeth using neuro muscular dentistry and dental implants
  • Co-founded Kingston Dental Implant Solutions

Wayne Martins DD

  • Graduated from GBC in 2006
  • Specializes in implant retained dentures
  • Attended numerous surgical implant residencies
  • Founder of the Napanee Denture Clinic
  • Passionate about implant denturism
  • Helping develop the continuing education program for denturists learning to work on dental implants for zimmer dental in California
  • Completed nobel procera cad-cam-digital designs for overdentures
  • Teeth in a day