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Client Testimonials

Over the years, Mark Martins Implant Denture Clinic has changed the lives of many clients - one smile at a time.

Press play on the video found on the right of this page to see actual customers of Mark Martins Implant Denture Clinic who have walked away satisfied - satisfied enough to retun and assist in creating these clips!

Scrolling down further will reveal just a few letters of praise and gratitude we have received from our satisfied customers!

Pauline Harris

The first day I cam into your office I made it very clear that I was not there because I needed new teeth but that my husband had been bugging for years to have this done. I figured my dentures were fine even though they were held in by gobs of denture paste (applied more then once a day). My point is I was dead set against having new dentures made or spending the money BUT I have to say this is the best thing I`ve done in years.

I have always had indigestive problems (having had surgery and still being treated with prescribed medication) but since getting my new dentures I have less and less indigestion and have been able to reduce my medication, not a lot but some. I believe this is possible as I can now chew my food instead of mauling it to death in my mouth and then swallowing it almost whole. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy eating properly again, what a difference these new dentures have made. Just being able to chew my food and really taste it has been a terrific change. THANK YOU!!!!

My husband is thrilled simply by the fact that I smile again which I haven`t really done for years. He says my teeth look great and look like the real thing. He says it was the best investment he's ever made. What a change this has brought to my life. I smile; I eat and feel so much happier.

People, friends and even my doctor asked me what I`ve done because I seem happier. They think I changed my hair or something but can`t pick out the fact that I now have beautiful white dentures that have placed a smile on my face.

Thank you for putting up with my stubbornness and for the wonderful, caring treatment you have given me.


(A more than satisfied customer. I have already recommended you to others!)

Pete Carter

I had 30+ years experience with 3 previous Denturists. Two retired and one passed away. I received good treatment and fair value in all cases. When I was having problems this summer after more than five years I went to another Denturist for advice and options. Then I went to Mark for a second one. Wow!

Mark's sincerity and dedication were obvious.

I went ahead with a lot more work then I would have felt comfortable with using the previous Denturists. Mark proved to be even more competent than I first estimated. Mark's standard is much higher than mine and he will not settle at anything less than what he considers the best.

The work is now complete and is better then I expected. Thank you Mark!

Lynn Bethune

What can I say!!

It has been four months since the completion of my Implants. There are no words to express to you the life changing experience it has been.

For the past twenty years I have worn full dentures. During this period of time my eating habits had diminished to the point where there were very few things I could eat without having discomfort or not able to chew. I used to panic when I would have to go out in a social situation. I would wonder what I would be able to eat. When going to restaurants I would always make sure we went to one where I knew the menu (mashed potatoes, eggs, pasta). My husband and children cannot believe the choices I now make when we go out to eat.

When I started the procedure I was very concerned that everyone would be able to notice that I had gotten new dentures (implants). You know I was very nervous about this. Your time and patience with me was beyond the call of duty! They were done to perfection (nobody noticed). I can now smile without the worry of the teeth falling out. There are very few people that know I wear dentures. The self confidence this has given me is beyond words. My self-esteem with my appearance has increased dramatically (several people have commented on my smile).

The procedure from start to finish was painless. The first few days it was somewhat uncomfortable (no pain). The many appointments that I had were arranged to meet my schedule. My questions, no matter how minor, were always answered in a caring fashion.

The only regret that I have Mark is that I did not get this done many years ago. I know many people say they cannot afford it or would not spend this kind of money. Every day I say to my husband "this is the best money I have ever spent in my lifetime".

If you have any patients that have any doubts about getting this done, please have them call me and I would only be too happy to pass on my experiences, that in the end, have changed my life completely.

Again Mark, Thank You!